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We know how important it is to feel comfortable with your child's therapist. We would love to speak with you prior to scheduling an evaluation or therapy to get to know you and your child. This is also an opportunity to share your concerns with the therapist, who can then let you know if an evaluation is warranted.


Formal evaluations take a deeper look at your child as a whole in order to determine their specific area(s) of need.  A thorough combination of standardized tests, interviews, observations, etc. will be used as part of the evaluation process. Suggested goals will also be created which will outline a recommended treatment plan. 

Individualized Therapy

Individual sessions are designed around your child’s unique needs. Quality treatment involves a goal-driven process which encompasses the entire child, as well as their support system. We treat a wide variety of disorders and are happy to collaborate with caregivers and professionals alike to support your child's success.


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Do everything you can to help your child reach their greatest potential.

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