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Meet the Team!

Our therapy team at Sweet Talkers brings together over 30 years of combined experience in pediatric speech and occupational therapy. Our dedicated therapists have worked in a variety of settings, including outpatient clinics, hospitals, schools, and private practices, gaining valuable expertise along the way. We are passionate about providing personalized care and implementing evidence-based treatment techniques to address the unique needs of each child we work with. At Sweet Talkers, we consider it a privilege to support our patients and their families on their journey towards improved communication, motor skills, independence, and overall well-being.


Krista Jones, MS, CCC-SLP

Owner | Speech Pathologist

Krista changed careers and became a Speech Pathologist after two of her own children were diagnosed with speech and language disorders. Krista is passionate about creating a space where families feel loved and supported, and have access to top-of-the-line therapy for their children. 

Some of Krista's specialties include speech sound disorders, language disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Myofunctional Therapy, Gestalt Language Processing, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Christina Moreno, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

Christina has experience treating children and adolescents in both school and private practice settings. Our patients fall in love with Christina's kind and patient demeanor, and the love and compassion she has for children is evident in everything she does. 


Christina's specialties include early intervention, Autism Spectrum Disorder, AAC, speech sound disorders, language disorders, and social communication disorders.  


Virginia Sturdivant, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

Virginia is well-traveled and has practiced Speech Pathology for the past 13 years in various settings all around the world! She has worked in hospital, outpatient, private practice, and elementary school settings. Kids and parents alike fall in love with her sweet, friendly personality, and her therapy is always something to look forward to. 


Some of Virginia's specialties include Feeding Therapy, speech sound disorders, and receptive and expressive language delays. 

Bridget Photo-1.jpg

Bridget Baldwin, M.ED, CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

Bridget specializes in working with young children and loves working in the private practice setting because it is where she feels she is able to make the most difference in the lives of her patients and their families. Bridget has the biggest heart, and her kindness and compassion are evident in her therapy. 


Some of Bridget's specialties include Feeding Therapy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, AAC, Gestalt Language Processing, oral motor delays, and language delays. 

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